Water Your Roots: Maximize Your Home Business Location

Trees need roots to grow. When a gardener plants a tree, he does not water the leaves or the branches. Instead, he sticks a hose near the roots and lets them soak up all the moisture they can hold. In the same way, whenever we begin a grass-roots business, whil we have the opportunity to expand, we must remember to maintain our roots: the community in which we live and work. In the past the success of a home business relied large on its geographical location. Local farmer would sell their produce to local consumers. Basket weavers would weave their wares for the general public in their community. However, the growth of the internet has literally allowed local home businesses to explode into the global market place. As a result, many home businesses have lost touch with what once was the bread and butter of the home business world: the community. Home businesses owners must recognize the unique customer base they have within their own community. These are the people they can see face to face, and thus the individuals that can recommend the home business products to others locally. Word of mouth is a powerful (and cheap) advertising tool, and thus home business owners must work hard to cater to the literal customer while serving the virtual customer as well. Secondly, home business owners can use their particular geographic location to their advantage. Let’s say you live in the sticks of the Midwestern United States. Your closest neighbor lives over a mile away, and the closest paved road is well over two miles away. You drive 30 miles one way to get groceries, and 60 miles one way to eat out at a restaurant that doesn’t consider “hashbrowns” a legitimate side. You get the idea. You need the global customer, the virtual customer, to survive. So how can you take advantage of your geographical location? Two words: graphic design. If you live in a beautiful, unique part of the world, then use those images as a part of your business logo or website. Finally, participate in the community. When the local school has their homecoming parade, enter a float for your home business. Join the local small business association, and participate in community activities under the auspice of your business. Contact the local school and see if you can contribute to the booster clubs and put your business name on a plaque as a result. Whenever you have the opportunity for advertising your business and building a positive image in the community, do it. Just because the world has given us the opportunity to go global does not mean we can or should forget our neighbors. The home business began at home and relied solely on the goodness of those in its immediate vicinity. We should remember our roots when we start to grow, and continue to water them as we hope to reach the skies of prosperity.

Grass Roots Business Efforts

Many small businesses use the Internet or hire professionals in order to get started with their business. Entrepreneurs starting out believe that they can avoid serious mistakes by using someone else’s knowledge and strategies. However, nothing really replaces plain old grass roots strategies. Getting out of your office and making contacts the old fashioned way has always been a reliable way to get your name out in the local community. From knocking on doors to giving out fliers, personalized contact can make a huge difference when combined with the other strategies you are using. The kind of small business you are in will depend on what kind of doors you can knock on, but the fact remains that you can benefit by being willing to approach someone stone cold and talk about your business. If you are going to do this then you will have to practice what’s called your “elevator pitch.” You need to be able to tell someone about your business and what you can do for them in the time it takes for the average elevator ride. Your basic message needs to be clear and concise so that there isn’t any confusion about what your business is. By keeping your message short, you should leave your prospective customers wanting more, right? As an example, if you are a CPA you could say, “I am a Certified Public Accountant.” It fits the time frame of the elevator pitch but doesn’t quite describe in detail what you do. What if you said, “I help people realize their financial goals by showing them how to be smart about asset protection strategies, taxes and other investments.” Whoa! Now that’s much more interesting and definitely leaves me curious. Now you tell me, which person would you call? Also, take the time to practice so that you can rattle off your introduction without any nervousness or apprehension. Have friends or family members listen to you and give you some feedback. Ask them if what you said was clear to them. Did it catch their attention? Did they hear the conviction in your voice? If you have a product or service that helps other businesses in your community then you can certainly go pay a visit to them. Now, besides having your elevator pitch down, you’ll also need to make sure you have something to give them as well. Handing out a business card is a simple way to get your pertinent contact information out to your potential clients. Along with that, a letter or flier of introduction or a package that has a full outline of what you can do for them is also a great idea. By leaving a sample of your product or a teaser of your service, you will separate yourself from your competition. If you think about it, the main goal of knocking on someone’s door is to get to the person who can make the decision to use your product or service. But what if they are never in the office? Or there are so many layers of people between you and them that you can’t find them? Sometimes you might need to think outside the box when trying to contact people. If one strategy doesn’t work then simply try another one. One association that is wonderful place to start talking with people is the Chamber of Commerce. This is an organization whose purpose is to connect local businesses and provide everyone involved with the opportunity to get better at their own chosen business by providing marketing and business seminars. It takes some of the hard work out of grass roots efforts to market yourself because by going to one event you’ll potentially meet a huge amount of people. As you can see, grass roots efforts, along with other marketing strategies can be a very powerful combination. If you are willing to take the small risk of talking to people about your business it could provide big rewards to your small business in the future.

Thought Leaders As Problem Finders

Genuine thought leaders all exhibit some extraordinary characteristics, some of which we’ve already covered in our various articles on thought leadership. One of the core values that true thought leaders, and thus, thought leading organizations, exhibit is the trait of being a ‘problem finder.’ Moreover, they demonstrate intellectual curiosity in their industry, the services the provide and the products they make; follow a model of systemic thinking that helps them find the root cause of the issues that their clients and industry face and they have a healthy sense of ‘paranoia’ in the Andy Grove sort of way that guides them to find the problems beneath the problems and come up with solution after solution no matter how “good” things may look on the surface.

The ‘problem-finder’ notion came across my email inbox this week from the Knowledge @ Wharton email newsletter. This article, “The Mindset of a Problem Finder”, is an excerpt from the book “Know What You Don’t Know: How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen” by Michael A. Roberto”. In the article, Roberto illustrates the difference of having a problem-finder mindset by sharing the story of structural engineer William LeMessurier and his efforts to seek out and correct some of the structural flaws in his original design of the Citicorp building in Manhattan. Roberto states that problem finders use several key characteristics that differentiate them from everyone else. Those same characteristics are what thought leaders use to keep themselves and their organizations ahead of the market, the industry and their competitors. Here’s how they do it.

Thought leaders demonstrate intellectual curiosity – Thought leaders are intrigued by questions rather then threatened by them. In the article, LeMessurier was questioned by a student, of all things. Rather than dismissing the student’s perspective, he explored it and found it to have significant merit. The thought leader in an industry explores problems, seeks out opportunity in sticky situations and maintains integrity throughout the process. Thought leaders demonstrate their intellectual curiosity by:

Having a restless mind that’s never satisfied with a one-dimensional understanding of an issue
Thriving on novelty, details and nuances in the challenges that they confront
Focusing on ‘always learning’ and never forgetting ‘how to learn’
Seeking out the unfamiliar and upholding the ‘curiosity imperative’

Thought leaders embrace systemic thinking – Systemic thinking means that you, the thought leader, recognizes that nothing, even the smallest of occurrences, happens due to one-off events or through outright negligence of human beings. There’s always a root cause. There’s always more to the story. For example, thought leaders in the banking industry have shared their perspective over the past year on how the multitude of players in the financial scene contributed to the current state of our financial system. Systemic thinking brought them to the multiple sources, issues and conclusions where no one event caused the entire effect. Systemic thinking thought leaders establish their point of view on working on the underlying issues and errors en-route to positing solutions to the larger problem. Thought leaders demonstrate their systemic thinking by:

Stepping back and questioning “why” things occurred (in fact, they often do the 5-Why’s exercise)
Recognizing the complex issues are never caused by a single occurrence
Having the resolve to always “dig deeper”
Take every opportunity to look holistically at every issue they approach

Thought leaders have a healthy sense of paranoia – One of my favorite books of all time is Andy Grove’s book, “Only the Paranoid Survive.” Grove said that success makes you lazy and in order to stay on top, you need to be on the lookout for inflection points in your company, industry and the world as a whole. Thought leaders stay in touch with their healthy paranoia and are in a persistent state of looking out for the inflection points that indicate changes are afoot. Inflection points are described as

I’ll describe what a strategic inflection point is a bit later in this book. For now, let me just say that a strategic inflection point is a time in the life of a business when its fundamentals are about to change. That change can mean an opportunity to rise to new heights. But it may just as likely signal the beginning of the end.

– Andrew Grove

Thought leaders maintain a healthy sense of paranoia by:

Never allowing themselves to get too comfortable
Getting comfortable with problems – there are always problems (the absence of problems is a problem…)

Thought leaders, I mean, real thought leaders, have many more traits that just these three. However, success depends on embracing some core values such as these, and living by them each and every day. In order to attain thought leadership status in your industry, you need to work each and every day on these values and incorporate them into your habituated way of being and infuse them into your corporate culture.

Flight Route Finder

There has been a great progress in the airline sector in recent past. People are attracted more and more towards aerial routes more than railways and roadways these days due to decreasing costs of airlines day in and day out. Taking flights for travelling far by places is far more comfortable and hassle free in planes. Whenever and wherever you are, you do not need to worry about ticketing for your journey. You can get it done online. And in case, there is no internet access, then also nothing to worry about, there must be the facility of flight route finder in that area.

There are travel agencies who help you in getting your queries solved like choosing the best possible and shortest distance for your journey, getting your ticketing done and all other problems related to your travel. For their services, they charge some extra fees. But in return, they take all of your headaches on to them and make you feel relaxed. You just have to sit back and pack your luggage and loop up for an exciting, prosperous and hassle – free journey. You would have never thought of being so relaxed while deciding about your journey.

There are many tour and travel agencies who provide you such services. Any flight route finder you choose will provide you the route and airline news and also may be a flight search engine which helps you in getting the information about the airline that will fly where you want to go. There are number of websites which provide you with the list of budget airline guides and help you choose the most appropriate flight route finder. They ensure that you are the first one to get the latest updates and choose the low-cost airlines without compromising with comforts.

Every traveller wants to get his travelling cost as low as he can, so these guides help you in doing so. They give immediate and accurate system to locate the cheapest flights for you. They allow you to get the latest updates about the airlines. They have a full database which gives you information about the low cost flights, air-routes. Timings, shortest distance etc. Route index, airline index or any other information you need, all will be in front of you in minutes. Just contact any of the airline guides you want to and go easy.

There are agency sites to help you in the matter like MakyMyTrip.com, Yatra.com, FlyCheapO.com. Each of them is a flight route finder and serves you greatly. All things are tailor made for you after consulting these guides. Offering you a broad selection of travelling ideas, they also offer you discount offers. They are effective and efficient in their tasks and have technology to serve you in the best possible way. The business is rapidly expanding its roots all over. Highly trained and vastly experienced individuals help you in getting what you want without any uncompromise. So standing up in long serpentine queues is a passé now. You just have to contact the route finder, fill up some forms at your home and go easy

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Water Pumps Demand Increases in Developing Nations

Water pumps use has been increased in developing nations. Demand for these devices is propagated due to intensive growth in commercial settings, water supply lines, power sectors, agricultural industry, industrial developments and within many other segments.

Water pumps are among the highest demand mechanical devices. They are used in several households and industries for water transportation in support of a variety of applications. In developing nations like India, where the market is highly fragmented, small manufacturers are sovereign because they are fulfilling the demand for growing infrastructure, water supply and irrigation, etc. Like India, the situation is same with other developing nations and this is strengthening the demand for water pumps in India.

Different Aspects Of Global Water Pumps Market:

Most of the times, small manufacturers do the high volume sales for agricultural and residential segments which are high demand areas.
Thriving urbanization is the main reason that is driving the growth in the water pump segment.
Demand for water has also increased at industrial level.
Residential and commercial projects establishment also increases the demand for water pumps.
The increasing sanitation and water recycling actions increase investments and demand for water pumps.

M&As -A Preferable Root of Expansion Globally

Demand for high quality, portable and cost effective devices have increased from the segments like agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial setup across the world. To fulfill this demand, the global pump manufacturers have taken different roots to A number of business tie-ups and mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are happening in this industry for global reach.

The major acquisitions that were witnessed in recent years include:

Acquisition of PIMS group by Xylem
Acquisition of Finder Pompe SpA by Dover
Acquisition of Alaska Pump & Supply, Inc. by DXP Enterprises
Saudi Pump Factory sold its 75% stake to Sulzer Ltd

Demand in India
Agriculture is a dominating segment in India. This sector accounts for more than 60 per cent share of our total economy. So the demand for those pumps is high that are used for transporting water for irrigation applications. On the other hand, the industries like oil & gas, chemical and many others are also accounting a big share in the overall growth of the pump industry. Additionally, rising population and colonization has been driving the demand for residential and wastewater pumps. Overall, the Indian market is growing significantly with an unforgettable contribution of the major players like Grundfos, KSB, Torishima Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd., Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Flowserve Corporation, Sulzer, Ebara, Gardner Denver, Shakti, Xylem, Inc., Watson-Marlow, Inc., Wilo SE and many more. Apart from that the Govt. has introduced different policies to support the growth of all related sectors.

The Myth and Lie of the Taiwanese Young Generation Being More Open

The reality of everyday experience is the opposite. In Taiwan, the only people that freely engage strangers in conversation are the elderly folks and foreigners. They are the only ones that freely talk to me anywhere I go in Taiwan. Young Taiwanese adults (especially women) definitely DO NOT freely engage strangers in conversation. HELL NO! Instead, they are cliquish, stuck up, snobby, and uncomfortable making eye contact or conversation with strangers. Their body language and vibe is NOT relaxed or open toward strangers at all. You see, in their minds, they are either “too cool” or too shy to talk to someone they don’t know. Now that is definitely NOT a characteristic of being “open”. No way jose. Not at all.

In fact, this closed cliquish exterior behavior makes the Taiwanese more like the Japanese rather than the mainland Chinese, despite their ethnic roots.

People who are truly “open” will freely engage in chat with others in a relaxed manner. They will not be stuck up, uptight, cliquish, closed or standoffish, like the young Taiwanese generation is. There are many foreign countries where young people are truly open and engaging – such as Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc. but Taiwan, Japan and America are not among them. In contrast, the Taiwanese generation of the 1940’s and 1950’s seem far more “open” socially and conversation-wise, than today’s young generation is. There is simply no comparison.

In reality, the young generation today are more selfish, narcissistic, and spoiled than ever before. They have a high sense of entitlement, lower morals and values, and more new gadgets to play with. That everyone agrees on, including the young generation itself, because it is so self-evident. But more socially open? No frickin way! That is a 100 percent LIE!

Not surprisingly, every honest down-to-earth Taiwanese person I’ve talked to has agreed that their young people, especially girls, are very shy, closed, and not open with strangers. This obvious trait is simply part of Taiwanese culture, and is common knowledge in Taiwan (despite the myth, ironically). Taiwanese girls are the most extreme example. Everywhere they go, they carry this “don’t bother me look” on their faces, which makes them unapproachable. And their body language is cold, stuck up and cliquish. Alongside Japan and Korea, Taiwan girls are among the least open and engaging of females in the 200+ countries of the world. The only strangers they might give any special attention to are either Asian pop stars, or foreign white guys (regardless of their looks). Even in retail sales and customer service occupations, Taiwanese girls are cold and business-like, devoid of warmth. I don’t know how they got that way, but their cold demeanor seems very inhuman.

The only people that deny this obvious fact are the politically correct liberal crowd, who consider negative observations about people in a particular culture to be anathema (using the “you are stereotyping and generalizing” copout), no matter how true or obvious. These folks do not like truthful talk, and do not like to tell it like it is, but prefer politically correctness statements instead, such as “everyone is so friendly and open, everything is wonderful, and life is beautiful”. Such delusional denialists are all too common among today’s young generation, not only in Taiwan, but throughout the Western world as well.

So what do these mythsters mean by “open”? Perhaps they mean open-minded? If so, in what way? Well, let’s see. I guess the young generation are more open-minded about alternative lifestyles such as being “openly” gay, wearing tattoos, having casual sex at a younger age, choosing to remain single rather than starting a family, etc. Uh, is that all? So what? Big frickin deal. Anyone can be open-minded about those things if they choose to be. That doesn’t make them more “open”. Sheesh. It just makes them more liberal and perverted (or “openly” perverted rather). But socially speaking, they are still closed, cliquish, exclusive and do not freely talk to strangers (unlike their elderly). Becoming liberal or perverted has NOT changed that at all.

In America, there is a similar dichotomy. If you go to Denny’s or a mom and pop Diner in the morning, you will see a lot of elderly people having breakfast. These folks will freely engage in conversation with strangers and will even talk your ear off. They have a lot of interesting things to share too. You can find such folks in public parks too.

But if you go to where young people hang out, such as a dance club, rock concert, amusement park, mall, party, college campus, etc. you will see how totally cliquish, exclusive and stuck up they are. They are uncomfortable with strangers and ignore them totally. They think they are “too cool” or too shy to talk to someone they don’t know.

Now how is that being “open”? Sheesh. This lie is so frickin ridiculous. Just because the young generation is more “open” about perverse lifestyles – such as being “openly” gay, having tattoos, being sexually active at a younger age, etc. does not make them more “open”, especially not socially open. Sheesh. Perversion and liberalism does not equal openness. My God. How stupid can people get?! Socially, they are still the same – closed, cliquish, and exclusive.

Rather than being socially open or inclusive, the young generation are self-aborbed, artificial, fake, spoiled, snobby, cliquish, and do not develop authentic personalities, but superficial ones. Being honest, down-to-earth, and telling it like it is, are alien traits to this generation.

“Open” is totally the WRONG word to describe today’s young generation in Taiwan, or even in America. “Perverted, liberal and rebellious” maybe yes, but “open”? No frickin way! Whoever came up with that is a total frickin idiot and a bald faced liar. I swear.

So, as usual, reality is in direct contradiction to the fictitious myths people spread, such as the claim that the “young generation is more open”. Such myths are lies, since the truth of everyday reality and experience points to the opposite.

Business Solutions

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Selecting Arrangement and Business Management Software That Builds Your Business

We’re currently living in a world where advancement will be observed in everything. Whether it is technology or business, trend or cinema, nothing survives without reviving the way things are done. In order to match the rate of the rapidly growing world, one wants to be up to date with all the developments and progressions in the world. This applies for businesses.

A variety of business management software are now being developed to support companies all over the world achieve their goals. No matter whether you’re a small scale, channel or a large scale organization, adapting to change is very important for all businesses.

Small business software can be there to meet with the requirements of this particular sector. What this means is you have to adjust with the newest technology and one method of doing so is to implement SAP Business One.

What SAP Business One is about

There is a large selection of business management software being supplied by SAP which helps them to survive in the and guides a firm to incorporate their business capabilities.

SAP Business One focuses on the crucial issues of any business like customer associations, relations with companies and vendors, catalog management, income, operations, finance and the loves.

These dilemmas persist in every business firm whether small or large so anyone can enjoy its benefits. Their small business software is entirely for small scale businesses which guide them to spread their roots with the passage of time. As one wants all the support they can get, a newcomer.

And Business Management Software could in making some valuable decisions and will serve as an anchor to your newly increasing business.

Why opt for SAP Business One?

Now you need to be wondering why this is so crucial. Well to reach the top and then to keep that boss location you will need to vary and more revolutionary than rest of the companies operating in the same industry.

If you are not enthusiastic enough then your place may be taken by other companies in the flash of a vision! For the companies who are fresh and have just started, it’s all the more critical to manage the business according to the latest trends.

Then problems occurring in between could be dealt with, as soon as you begin well! All of this can be done with the implantation of SAP Business One.

Customers of to-day don’t settle for just anything and hence to adapt with their needs and requirements you need to be the best at what you do as an agency.

GDI Business Review For A Home Business

Are you looking for a strong business to join that can help you grow a business in any market you choose? If you are then the opportunity that Global Domains International home may be just what you have been looking for. Many of the existing multi-level marketing companies are focused on one product, usually one that they manufacture. This company takes a totally different stance on how to empower business owners. In this business review you will learn why this company continues to thrive both online and off while other MLM’s are on their way out.

Reasons GDI Is A Great Company To Work With

1. Always Pay On Time – If you have been working with multi level marketing companies for years, you may have ran into more than one that are slow to pay or are always changing the rules, so it is hard to understand the compensation plan. That is definitely not the case with GDI. In fact they never pay late and the only changes to the compensation plan since they went liven is bigger bonuses and overrides for their members. Plus they have a fast start bonus program that pays better than anything I’ve seen for a home business. You get a $100.00 bonus for 5 people signing up in a week, $200.00 for 10 people, $300.00 for 15 people, $500.00 for 25 and so on. There is no limits to the bonus and this does not include your monthly residual income, WOW. For only $10.00 a month you can make several thousand dollars a month, doesn’t get any better than this.

2. GDI Offers A Product That Every Business Owner Needs – Yep, forget soft sells, this product sells itself. If you know somebody who needs their own domain or website, which everybody does, then you already know who you can invite to become part of your new business with GDI. The fact that there is no company on the planet today that doesn’t have or want their own website, so as far as ease of entry, this market rocks!

3. Withstood Test Of Time – This company is not brand new, this means they have already taken a beating by all the naysayers and they have survived. Many businesses crumble early on due to negative and uneducated comments, posts and more in the online world. However, GDI has only grown stronger with time and has expanded their core offerings to make their business even stronger moving forward. This makes them an excellent choice for new and experienced marketers who are looking for a new revenue stream.

4. Simple And Duplicatable Business Model – Yes, this is really where the rubber hits the road. Knowing that you can learn what is needed, make money and then teach somebody else to do the same is the root of any successful multilevel business and this company has it down to a science. In fact, they give you all the tools you need to succeed right out of the gate. You can of course learn and grow at your own pace, but faster is always better.

5. Low Cost Of Ownership – GDI offers one of the lowest buy in rates you will find. This means that you don’t have to only market to those that are ready to make huge investments, this business is viable and usable for people on any type of budget. Growing your own online business could not be much easier!

Getting started sooner than later, means you can grow your income sooner, so why are you still here? Well, we all know that it takes a lot of research before you make the ultimate choice of which business to get involved with, but this one really is a “no brainer” so start thinking about how you can use your free web site to start making extra income right now and the GDI team will be there to help you along the way.

Business Innovation – The Key To A Better Business Venture

We live in a world where everything business related does not work exactly as what we want it to be, it would be grand if things could work perfectly once in a while. Everyone will get along very well, people will have nothing to argue about, well only worry about how we spend our profits. Regrettably that is not how the real world works; there is no escaping the fact that we have to deal with uncertainties.

An example would be seeing how each individual person has his own problems, multiply that with the number of employees in a business enterprise and you get the subtotal of the company’s overall difficulties. We say subtotal because there are other problems aside from those.

The simplest solution to any problem would be to remove the cause, the root of where it all began. But that is not always the case; some problems are too complicated to be decided upon impulsively. If you have an employee who doing something right, or what you deem as right, you don’t fire him immediately, that is against a lot of rules. Moreover if that employee is someone who did well in the past, you have to give him a second chance. That is the right thing to do.

You see, not everything is not black and white, nevertheless there are policies and procedures that will help out a company deal with anomalies. Business innovation is a key factor as well. If something is not working as it should be or not as good as it has been then an upgrade with your current processes might be needed. A simple shift in your perspective can bring you to a whole new level of possibilities.

New marketable inventions, that is what business innovation is supposed to be. Find something of strategic value and use it to your advantage. In an oversaturated business venture for example, you find the edge you need to get ahead of the competition and you market that innovation. Sooner or later your technique will be the new norm but because you know that innovation is a constant, you just find another technique to get ahead again. In short you become the trend setter, the one that other company’s follow.

Not only the higher ups know how to run things, if you ask your supposedly lowly employees, some of them have ideas that can push their company forward. Sometimes the most effective strategies can come from simple minds. If you want creativity and innovation to be a standard in your company then it is best to learn all the possible venues where you can find out effective strategies to help your cause. Such is what runs behind the mind of a successful businessman.